Special Rainbow Hero commissioned to support Rainbow Heroes

A very kind and caring company with great community values has created a special product to support the NHS Rainbow Heroes fundraiser. 

We find it almost impossible to express the traffic loss and ultimate sacrifice that some of our NHS Heroes have paid. 

A cottage based industry company Colour My World has created a Rainbow Heroto show their support for our NHS Rainbow Heroes.

These fantastic personalised wooden keyrings are made to order and are a great way of showing our support for the NHS with 10% of the money raised being donated to the Rainbow Heroes Just Giving Appeal.

Colour My World have said we have chosen to donate 10% of each sale of our Rainbow Hero to the NHS Rainbow Heroes Fundraising. 

“We find it almost impossible to express the tragic loss and ultimate sacrifice that some of our NHS heroes have paid in their selfless endeavours to help others less fortunate than themselves.

“They are the true heroes of their time and it’s an absolute must that their family, friends, colleagues and loved ones know that they will never be forgotten.

“how valued they were and that that they have a fitting place to go to, so they can share their grief, their pride and their respect.”

If you would like to order your Rainbow Hero then please click here to one please click here.

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